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Monthly Round Up Articles: February

March 4, 2015


Feb 6, 2015




Feb 13, 2015





Feb 20, 2015




Feb. 27, 2015




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Monthly Round-Up of Articles: January

February 2, 2015

So I’m 2 days late of posting this from when I wanted to but oh well!

Every month, at the end of the month, I will be featuring some links to interesting articles.  Primary topics will be Fashion, Fashion Shows, and Textiles, but I will also attempt to remember to include all the other random nifty things that I come across throughout the month.  (I subscribe to 3 google alerts, hence the topics covered haha).  If you stumble across some nifty articles you think would be awesome in my list, please feel free to contact me and I will definitely include it 🙂


MISC Articles:


January 3, 2015


January 9


January 17


January 24th

January 31

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January 29th, 2015

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen for Part III!  I apologize for the delay, but unfortunately life is still kind of hectic for me! (That and I procrastinate sometimes T_T)


In this post I will be explaining what are croquis, how (ish) to make them, and what can you use them for.



Origin of CROQUIS krō-ˈkē

French, from croquer to sketch, rough out, literally, to crunch

First Known Use: 1805

(Thank you Merriam-Webster dictionary for awesome stuff)


In the art world, it’s basically a loose drawing, just enough to get an idea onto paper that you can flesh out later.  They’re also good for practicing basic art skills and loosening oneself up in prep for an art session of any kind. (I don’t honestly do them myself, as I use templates, but I should probably get into the habit of doodling and sketching again….I lose my art skills quite rapidly if I don’t use them for a length of time).

For instance, this drawing, pulled from deviantART user EsbenLash is a great example of an art croquis.  (Honestly, they have some pretty damn awesome artwork besides.  Go check them out ❤ )  You basically get the idea that this person is leaping, or dancing, or whatever.  It’s not finished, but you get the jist and can work on it later.

Line Drawing

In the fashion realm (and more often than not if you google “croquis”) croquis just means a body template.  Typically used for anything from drawing clothing lines to flats (the technical term for digitized fashion designs like you see on the back of a sewing pattern). As a side note, flats can be useful to see a more technical approach to your designs once you’ve narrowed them down (but I’m getting ahead of myself here).


At the end of this How-To, in the Resources LIst, I added a ton of handy Fashion Illustration books that you may want to look into.  I have many of them myself and it doesn’t hurt to have several different kinds to reference depending on how you learn/what style you like.


OKAY! AWESOME!  We have a basic idea of what a croquis is.  Now what do we do with them and how do we use them?


First: we’re going to need a few supplies, depending on your drawing habits:

  • Paper (sketch pad, printer paper, scraps, whatever)
  • Templates (optional; will discuss later)
  • Tracing Paper (optional)
  • Pencils (Mechanical or regular drawing; I prefer a 2H when not using a mechanical)
  • Mood board you worked on earlier or other inspirational pieces you’ve gathered


A note on templates: This are easy to acquire or make yourself.  There are several templates you can source from deviantART, Pinterest, Google, or other search engines.

  • For old fashioned paper method- it is good to have tracing paper handy once you print out some templates (or if you’ve drawn your own), that way you don’t have to worry so much about how your figure looks and get down to drawing the clothing right away.
  • For digital art: if you create your template (or trace/modify a template you find online), I suggest making the outlines a light blue and do several per sheet.  This way, if you’d rather do the clothing drawing by hand, you’ll have a lighter line to draw atop of rather than getting confused with a solid black line.

Example of using a croquis found online. Croquis source: P.S. She has quite a few books that look to be very useful resources. I provided links to buy her books in my Resource List. ❤


Example of hand drawing croquis. They aren’t pretty, but they’re functional. Also, notice all my note scribbles next to each design.

Second: Find a comfy place, and draw!

Sometimes I find going to youtube and searching “inspirational video game/movie score music” gets me into the grove.  Especially with my scale maille.  Depending on the desired amount that you’d like for your collection, it is usually best to draw twice that. For instance, draw 12 or more pieces at least if you’re planning on a 6 piece collection (Honestly, I’d do at least 15~20.  Nice good round numbers haha). The reasoning behind this is so you can get obvious ideas out of the way in order to get to the more creative, original designs floating about in your brain waiting to be drawn.

Also as a reminder, make sure you have that mood board/inspiration page handy! It is very easy to go off track.  While it isn’t terrible that you go off track (sometimes you come up with some pretty awesome designs for future/other collections), it’s always nice to have it near you to refresh your mind what it is you’re trying to build your collection around.

Note: As things like possible fabrics/accessories/things not easily drawn pop into your mind on a particular outfit, make sure to note it somewhere near the garment, using arrows or contrasting colors when necessary.  It’ll help in the long run, especially when you get to the fabrication portion.  You wont have to go “OKay…now -what- was the fabric I was thinking of for this??”


Third: Take Breaks, and ask for feedback.

You may not think of it, but taking breaks is actually a decent idea.  It refreshes the mind, and lets you not have to focus on the task at hand (It can get quite daunting.  Believe me.)  This way, you’ll be able to look at your collection with fresh set of eyes and maybe see combinations you didn’t initially think about.

Once you think you’ve exhausted every possible outcome, either take another break, or ask close friends and families what they think.  You don’t have to listen to everything they say (as they may not understand the purpose of your collection to begin with), but the feedback is important.  It’ll help narrow all the designs down to your chosen amount, whether it’s still the same as original thought, or more.


FINALIZING: IT’S TIME TO D-D-D-D-Decide! (You thought I was going to say “Duel” didn’t you)


Now that you have the feedback you need and all your drawings in front of you, it’s time to narrow the designs down.  This is a moment you have to be realistic with yourself.  You may end up wanting to do a 20 piece collection now that you have all these spiffy ideas, but do you really have the time to do it?  This is especially true if it’s your first collection.  You can always reuse ideas in another way for different collections, so never scrap them!


Again, it may be helpful to run by choices with friends and family.  If you explain your theme and ideas, it’ll both help solidify the idea in your mind, as well as help you figure out the best way to write about your collection when it comes time to show them (whether it’s in a show, a fashion spread, etc).


When it is all said and done, you should have a pretty good idea of what the collection is going to look like right now.  For me, personally, at this stage is where I like to start making a few flats for my collection.  It helps me further visualize the collection and I can start messing with colors and other various ideas.  Adobe Illustrator is a good vector-based program to use.







(Resources used in the post noted by an * )



    • *Tahmasebi, Sha. Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators.  ISBN: 978-1438070490
    • *Watanabe, Naoki.  Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques.  ISBN: 978-1592535569
    • *Hagen, Kathryn. Fashion Illustration for Designers (2nd Edition).  ISBN: 978-0135015575
    • *Szkutnicka, Basia.  Flats: Technical Drawing for Fashion (Portfolio Skills: Fashion & Textiles).  ISBN: 978-1856696180
    • *Drudi, Elisabetta; Paci, Tiziana.  Figure Drawing for Fashion Design.  ISBN: 978-9054961505
    • *Park, Aeran.  Workbook for the Fashion Designer.  The Complete Guide to Fashion Illustration.  ISBN:978-0132675819
    • *Tinli, Basak. Complete Fashion Designer’s Guide: Themes, Templates and Illustrations. Buy Here
    • *Tinli, Basak. Fashion Designer’s Guide: 50 Themes, Templates & Illustration Ideas: 20th Century Fashion, Historical Costumes, Sub-Culture Clothing, Categories. Buy Here
    • *Tinli, Basak. Fashion Designer’s Guide: 50 More Themes, Templates & Illustration Ideas: Sports and Activities, Dance Costumes, World Cultures, Sci-fi & Fantasy.  Buy Here
    • Calderin, Jay. The Fashion Design Reference Specification Book: Everything Fashion Designers Need to Know Every Day  ISBN: 978-1-59253-850-8
    • Tortora, Phyllis G.  Survey of Historic Costume A History of Western Dress.  ISBN: 978-1563678066
    • Leach, Robert.  The Fashion Resource Book: Research for Design.  ISBN: 978-0500290354
    • Volpintesta, Laura.  The Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Fashion Designer Should Know.  ISBN: 978-1592538218
    • Martin, Marcarena.  Field Guide: How to be a Fashion Designer.  ISBN: 978-1592534913
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    • Kiisel, Karolyn.  Draping: The Complete Course.  ISBN: 978-1780672861
    • Kim, Injoo.  Patternmaking for Menswear: Classic to Contemporary.  ISBN: 978-1609019440
    • Knowles, Lori A.  Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Juniors, Misses and Women.  ISBN: 978-1563673283
    • Knowles, Lori A.  Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear.  ISBN: 978-1563673290
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Good, and Bad, News and a whole bunch of other stuff

I Am Not Here

Don’t stand by my grave and weep,
For I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint of snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning, hush.
For I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circle flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand by my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die.

– Hopi Grief Song/Prayer

(a good choral version for this song is here: and you should go listen to it)

I’ll start with since my last post and work my way to present.  The end of April was pretty crazy with Jury and other prep work for the show.  Surprisingly, I got pretty good marks from Jury, but not good enough to get awards,  Oh well, I wasn’t making my collection in full hopes of getting any awards, I was making them for my friends in accordance with our Steampunk-inspired story we have.

Fashion show, for the most part, was a success.  I think all the shows were sold out, or nearly sold out and there weren’t too many mishaps.  Second and Third show there were one or two garments that didn’t make it out but….to be honest that wasn’t our fault at all, although it does suck.

After the show, it was crazy to get my room clean.  My parents and my brother and sister-in-law helped me clean out the majority of my room the Sunday afterward (May 11th).  Finals went pretty smoothly and I gtfo of my dorm and out of Milwaukee to get home because ACEN was coming really soon.

ACEN was fantastic.  Didn’t buy a lot compared to other years because I needed to try and save my money for my Italy trip (which, holy crap, I leave in 2 days).  Saturday of ACEN was a huge success because my friend Brittany and I dressed up as Silent Hill nurses and we couldn’t walk very far without pictures being taken haha.  Feet hurt like hell, though.  I need to get new shoes for that cosplay.

Monday afterward was okay.  Started new position at work that is primarily focused on guest service.  It’s pretty interesting and most of the times uneventful.

Tuesday, May 20th we received bad news that my Uncle on my dad’s side passed away.  He was a logger and unfortunately he was struck down by a tree.  Week kind of passed by in a blur and then Sunday, May 25th, we received more bad news that my Grandmother (same side), also passed away.  Needless to say, it was a bad two weeks.  Uncle’s funeral was on Wednesday, Grandmother had a wake Friday and the funeral Saturday.  Just kind of….surreal…

It’s been rough, but I’ve had to push through because my trip is coming soon.  I’ve luckily had the support of friends and family, and of course my ever-comforting boyfriend.  For the most part, I think I’ve got everything in order to finish packing, but I still have tomorrow if all else fails.  Plane leaves Saturday and I’ll be in Florence come Sunday.

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Not dead….yet

“Remember that stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.

-Andrew Bernstein
I haven’t written in a really long time and that’s because the weeks have been flying by so quickly.  My gosh.  Sorry, but nothing too substantial for this post today because I am stressed out and brain is completely muddled.  I apologize if some of this doesn’t make sense later on.
Basically, my entire collection is done, aside from some minor pressing I’ll probably do either tomorrow night, or Monday morning if I get to it.  Attaching the vent to the lining in my boyfriend’s trench coat was horrendous because I didn’t pattern the lining correctly to begin with, so my teacher had to help me ad-lib it (wish she would have just made sure I patterned it right to begin with waaaaaay back when in September/October when I was making it.  Gah.  Oh well, it can’t be helped – I’ll just have to remember for next time).  Either way, it got finished.
Just trying to find another set of goggles because I don’t necessarily like my second pair, but they’ll do for jury if I have to.  Also trying to find a few other last minute details to help sell the collection as a whole.  I already know I most likely wont get any of the awards because my collection is Steampunk and not necessarily marketable in, oh say….Kohls, Bon-Ton, JCP, etc.  But whatever.  These outfits were going to get made regardless, so I felt it was better to make them while I still had the aid of my teacher to do so haha.  I’m already going to have to remake a few things, though, when I have time because I absolutely hate the way it pulls funny or doesn’t necessarily look right.  Another time, when I’m not so stressed.
It’s hit me, yet not so much, the fact I’m almost about to finish the chapter that is Mount Mary.  I have about 2 full weeks worth of classes and about another 2~3 days for finals, and then I’m done.  No more.  On with my life.  It’s scary, sad, exciting, and a bunch of other emotions all at once.  I think once I have to clean out my bin and take apart of my dress form, it’ll hit me.  I’m definitely going to cry – no doubt about that.  I’m a sap D:
Anywho.  I need sleep.  I’ll post some pictures later…hopefully.  I may do another post toward the end of the week, otherwise it probably wont be until the middle of May.  It’s crunch time and a LOT will happen between now and May 19th.
May 6th: 2 papers and a portfolio due
May 9th: Fashion Show at the Harley-Davidson Museum
May 12-14: Finals
May 16-18: Anime Central in Rosemont, IL. 
And all the other in-between crap to get some of this stuff done.  Ahhaskdjfaksjdfklsjfdkljsfd
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Crunch Time!

The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection.

-Henri Nouwen


April marks crunch time for the fashion show.  As of writing this, I have 19 days (not including today) to get everything done before Jury.  All the garments going into the show have to be juried by a panel of judges from the industry.  Last year there were four judges: one from Kohls, one from Bon-Ton, another from Jockey, and I can’t remember who the guy was from.  It’s a bit nerve wracking, but I think I should be good this year!  All I have to do right now is hemming for Sarah’s and Cassie’s pants, my vest harness in its entirety (waiting on some dark brown ponge to come in), Cassie’s mad scientist coat (I have it assembled as far as side seams, back seams, and shoulders), hem Joe’s coat, work on his pants (I need to try on another mock up with changes before I go into fashion fabric), and then some head pieces.  I decided for the show I wont be doing Cassie’s apron, but I’ll take my time finishing it (like, I’ll work on it after Jury, or before jury if I can get everything else done).


Other than school, I’ve applied to be a vendor at DaishoCon, which happens at the Kalahari in the Dells.  This year it’s November 21-23rd.  I really hope I can get in.  I’m planning on having some basic clothing options available for people, as well as my jewelry.


Picture time!


The Mad Scientist coat thus farl.


Potential headpiece for my outfit. Sarah’s is getting a mini tricorn hat


Joe’s coat finally has all the buttons on it! He looks absolutely dashing in it too ❤

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First Garment (mostly) done, and onto the next! Also, Fashion Info at bottom

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Busy busy busy.  I have either been at work, at class, or in the sewing labs.  The only time I’ve managed to spend in my room is for sleeping, and grabbing a few things for the next class this past week.  The good news is, I’ve gotten quite far on my collection.  As of yesterday, I have the base tunic and pants to a finished point.  (I’m just waiting on some potential embroidery designs from Sarah to put on the tunic, and I have to try the pants on her to double check fit, and hem).

I am also incredibly happy that my GoFundMe is working out pretty well.  It fills me with warmth and gladness that my family and friends are in such support of me traveling abroad.  Other then a short-lived dream to teach English as a Second Language in Japan my freshman year of high school, I never thought I’d actually ever get the chance to study abroad, and especially after coming to Mount Mary.  I all but gave up that hope.  That changed, however, in October when we had a lady from SAI talk to us.  It gave me renewed energy to try and pursue this, and I figured Italy would be easier to convince my mother to let me go to, compared to Japan.  Eeeeee!  I am so incredibly excited!  I also just finished an application to the SAI scholarships.  I’m thinking I have a pretty good chance, but I will have to wait until about March 31st before I’ll know whether or not I receive any.  Fingers crossed 🙂

Okay!  Progress shot time!

























(Left to right; top to bottom)

1.) Peasant Top all cut out and put together (minus bottom sleeve).

2.) Top + pants (I’m debating on whether or not to just make me have jodhpurs like Cassie and Sarah, or keep the shorts.  If I keep the shorts, I have to make a little wider band, and I might have to flare out the pants a bit more so I can have some more pooooof).

3.) Hanging sleeve pattern

4.) Hanging sleeve constructed with elastic

5.) Harness vest…thing…pattern majig.

6.) Harness vest cut out and put on me (mostly pinned except for back princess seam).  Had to let it out and drop the armhole, but I’m surprised I didn’t have to take it out more.  I based it off of my princess-torso block I made last year Spring which was made to be a base-layer garment and not something that went over the top XD  (I think it helps I’m wearing my corset).  I have to refit the pants, though, because I completely forgot I was making this to fit my corseted figure so I have to take it in more in the pants.  I went through a great inner debate on whether or not to pattern this for my corseted, or uncorseted figure.  I came to the conclusion that I am, more often then not, going to be wearing this ensemble with a corset on underneath.  Even if I can’t wear my corset to the fashion show, I can always find other people to wear my outfit.  It isn’t like las tyear where I ended up hating the garments and I was never going to wear them.  I’m making these garments to wear for future endeavors.


For those interested in the Mount Mary Fashion Show:


If you’re in the Milwaukee area (or are willing to drive once a week in April, and for the show), and you would like some runway modeling experience, please consider trying out for our show!  We need models of all sizes (whether you’re a size 2, or a size 20, etc).



I think that’s enough for now.  I will post more progress next week 🙂

OHOHOH.  I FORGOT.  Next week is also the start of my spring break.  I am so excited to have a few days for myself ;____;

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