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It’s March already??

“Do not merely practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise man to the divine”.


March has snuck up on me, I dare say!  In some ways I’m glad it’s here (because that just means there’s only 65 days until I’m done with Mount Mary University, and then 89 days until I leave for Italy, but who’s counting?), but I’m also starting to fret.  My next outfit is due March 26th and I’ve only gotten as far as the patterning.  Luckily, that’s done, though.  I can speed through cutting and sewing in just about no time since I’ll be making similar jodhpur-ish bloom pant things (idk what I’m going to call them) that I made Sarah, but the top might prove to be a bit more difficult.  Debating whether or not I want a bias casing, or a ribbon casing for the elastic that goes around the upper edge.

In other news, it is, and has been, officially my spring break and yes I definitely needed this.  I have gotten 4 days, and 3 nights since I came home Thursday that I’ve been with my love, and I’m feeling pretty recharged.  Had to get in as much time as possible over the weekend because he works pretty much from dusk ’til dawn due to his two part time jobs during the week. (And with Dark Souls 2 coming out tomorrow, it’ll be even harder to see him ;P  Just kidding.  He’s actually pretty good about giving time to spend with me and neglecting his games so I wont be too hard on the poor man).

Other than seeing m’love, I’ve managed to complete one C/D scale bra that will be sent out tomorrow (about 2 and a half weeks earlier than planned which will make her quite happy~), some awesome scale flowers, and a bunch of other random stuff.  I am taking special orders to be completed for pick up at KitsuneKon.  Check out the information here:
I can’t believe that KitsuneKon is so close.  I don’t feel ready at all.


Okay picture time 😀


I got to work more with leather last week. It was exciting! The left one is a curved seam, and the right one simulates a waistline dart.


(almost) ALL the colors!















Pretty hawk on the railing at the boyfriend’s house


Sample flowers that will be sold in various forms at KitsuneKon


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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”
-Frederick Douglass


Lalala~  Things are progressing smoothly on all fronts!  This week was spent finishing my jodhpurs pattern, cutting out of muslin, then test fitting it…sorta.  The actual person these will be made for is back home, but I have a classmate who has very similar measurements.  The only change I need to do is raise the back waist band by about half an inch or so (I shortened the crotch too much so it pulls the back down, but it’s an easy fix).  I’m going to try it on Sarah first before I make the adjustments though.


They’re more appealing on a body. Also, the angle I took this picture is ridiculous stupid

Once that fitting was done, I had a good chunk of time to begin working on the vest pattern (since that was going to be the easiest at the moment until I had a better understanding of what Sarah wants the shirt to look like).  So far I’ve gotten the torso block traced, shortened, and turned into a shoulder princess seam block.


It’s beautiful, no?

Since this is going to be a sleeveless vest, I need to take out the room from the armhole by raising it (probably a half inch, maybe less), then adding a bit more ease due to the fact it’s going over a shirt.  And it’s going to be in leather which has pretty much no stretch.  Ohhhh the leather is so soft and awesome *3*  I bought some in New York at Mood when we went there in October.  I believe it’s Lambskin (I’ll get a picture of it later).  I’m excited to learn how to work with leather starting this coming week.

Side note, I also bought the (potential) fabric I’ll be using for the pants/bottom for all three of us.


Stretch sateen, aka 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Gotta love spandex.

I’m hoping 3.5 yards is going to be enough.  Kind of sad it’s only 49″ which I think is similar to the muslin we use at school.  Not sure if that’s 49″ or 34″.


In other news, I have two cute pictures of me from Wednesday and Thursday that I thought I’d share


Sorry for the grainy and not so epic picture. Not as great lighting.


You can kinda see the corset in this one. I had my reservations about wearing this outfit due to my “back fat” (as I’m calling it) but just sucked it up and wore it anyway. I’ve seen far worse being displayed at school and I thought why the hell not.

My classmate Pa Kou and I have also made a pact to work out as many times as possible after classes this semester, starting Tuesday.  I told her we should probably start small (like 2 days a week, moving to 3, then doing 4) so we don’t kill ourselves haha.  I’m actually very excited to have an exercise buddy!  Gonna burn that fat off and look even more smashing in these corsets! Yeeaaahh.
Oh, and that reminds me.  I think I may invest in an overbust one of these times.  The underwire in my bra has been digging in quite uncomfortably the past week….although I think with exercise, that might lessen the amount it digs in too.  Idk.


Either way.  Enough on this subject.  I need to finish as much of this week’s homework before Monday so I can cram out my patterns before Thursday.  Making a bonsai trip home in order to test fit patterns to Sarah because it’ll be the only chance I get before the garment is due.  @___@.

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