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Post AMKE, More Progress

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”

-Arnold J. Toynbee
I’m going to say this right now.  Anime Milwaukee was a HUGE success (especially when compared to last year).  I’m glad there weren’t any panels (except for one) that I wanted to go to because that allowed me to be more active with my booth and create more items for people to enjoy 🙂  I was so lucky that my friend Cassie was there, because she helped me tap into some interesting ideas with the stuff I had. 
I was so proud when I saw people wearing my items ;0; made me so happy!.  I was also able to sell the one scale bra I had made and it looked so adorable on the girl ;0; It was a bit bitter sweet, though, to see one of my babies go.  I am, however, excited to make more!  I’m planning on trying to make at least 1 C/D sized bra for KitsuneKon.  I don’t know if I’ll get it done, but I’m hoping so!  I am also hoping I can get some scale flowers made to either use as part of hair forks, maybe a set of hair sticks, and whatever else I can do.
Here are some of the nifty items I came up with (some of them with help from Cassie!)
Monday was not fun, though.  Post-con depression, and incredible tiredness.  I honestly don’t remember much of Monday except for some hazy details.  That aside, I think I finally managed to get a good nights sleep the past two nights (with like almost 9 hours or so of sleep lmao).  Either way…it’s been pretty productive, sewing wise.  I’ve gotten pretty far with Sarah’s pants, and shirt, and I even started drafting my patterns.
ImageImage Sara, modeling Sarah’s blouse and pants thus far.  (Yes, they are two different people.  Sara is my classmate, and Sarah is my boyfriend’s sister.  Lmao).
Peasant Blouse, front and back on left; raglan peasant sleeve on right.  The sleeve can go to hell. D:<  It took me 2.5 hours, and about three screw ups before getting it to look that pretty.  I cut both of them in muslin too.  Completely forgot that this is a raglan sleeved top, so I have to cut out another sleeve (I usually can get away with one sleeve for fit….T__T)
That’s it for now everyone 😀
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AMKE Is coming soon!

Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.

-Denis Waitley
Very exciting things are happening! Wooooo! Tomorrow, my near-table mate (we somehow managed to get tables next to each other lol) at the AMKE Artist Alley will be driving up and staying the night.  Worry not!  I have a place for her to sleep.  I just finished mostly cleaning.  Still some minor things, but they can be done tomorrow….Yeah.
I’ve been crafting a little bit every day (don’t worry, I’ve been doing homework too!…sort of haha).  Here are some sneak peaks at what you’ll find 🙂
I’ll have a variety of hair picks, and also chopstick sets.
I’ll have a bunch of earrings to choose from as well!  Not an earring person but prefer hairsticks?  I’ll be able to switch them out at no cost. 🙂  Reverse applies!
I’ll have some fancy necklaces too. 
I’ll try to take as many pictures as possible from my booth (or when I do manage to venture out!).  I probably wont get a chance to post until a little later next week, depending on how much homework I’ll have to catch up on.  Hope to see you there! 😉
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