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Corset Training Day 2

Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.
– Saint Francis de Sales
Just another day of corset training, but with corset number 2~!  I think today, at some point, I may put a bit of flossing on one of the corsets so I can distinguish between the two.  (They’re both black cotton, and they’re both the same style).  I wont put a lot of flossing, however, because I don’t want to poke too many holes into the fabric – that would cause some extra wear that I don’t want, considering the fabric will be stressed enough once I am able to fully close it.
(If you want to some nice links for good reading and don’t want to read my ranting, scroll to the bottom to the bullet points~)
I’m going to be happy once the break-in period is over.  I find it both comfortable, and uncomfortable to wear my corset, but I miss it when I take it off.  It’s uncomfortable because my lower back aches and I need to get to the chiropractor due to my minor scoliosis (and I haven’t been there in two months…I’m supposed to go every month.  Whoops >>; ).  It’s comfortable, though, because I feel a bit more stable wearing it.  I actually like the tightness around my core and find it comforting.  It’s hard to explain.  I just know that when I take off the corset, it’s also uncomfortable for my back for awhile.  All I need to do is start incorporating some back strengthening exercises so I don’t completely atrophy the muscles.  I would like to get pregnant, and I don’t think I’m going to be wearing my corsets (or purchasing special corsets to wear) during pregnancy, so I need to still have the ability to have an independence from the corset.  Besides, if I ever do manage to keep motivated enough to work on strengthening my back muscles (I mean, actually pushing myself with the exercises and not just doing enough to get by), I may not need the corset anymore.  1.) With all the lean muscle, I don’t think the corset would function properly, and I would then need to get a custom corset and 2.) The vanity reason for the corset would have fulfilled its purpose.  I get disheartened very quickly with lack of results (yes, I know it takes time, but after a month with no results is very discouraging) when I try to make a regime for weight loss.  The corset will satisfy my stupid need for instant gratification while I take the time to build up the muscle.  Or at least….that’s the plan anyway.  This scoliosis isn’t going to cure itself, you know.
For those of you who may use this blog as inspiration for your own waist training, please note that I am definitely not the “end all, be all” in this world.  What works for me, may not work for you, so I suggest reading as much as you can and ask many people questions in order to make an educated decision. 
I’ve found that these are some of the places that offer really good tips and articles:

Specifically from those sites, I suggest these pages/articles as a start:

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of corset information.  If any of you have other suggestions, please post them!

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