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Update: March!

March 5, 2015

Holy crap it is March already (and has been for 4 full days).  Wasn’t it just January like…yesterday?  I swear, as I get older, my perception of time is getting faster and faster.  Which means the 15 days left until KitsuneKon are going to go by really fast and that is kind of scary!

(I am internally crying right now)

There is a LOT a lot to do yet, not only making, but also prep wise before this convention happens.  Originally, goal was to make a few tutus.  I have a feeling that may not happen as much as I’d like it to.  May still goal for some rainbow ones or basic black ones but…..not 100% on that.  At this time, I really feel like “no” is the answer for that one.  Instead, something a little smaller scale and easier to make faster are my armwarmers.  I probably wont get too crazy with them – just some basic ones.  Hopefully.  I don’t even know anymore.

I do know I will have lots of scale earrings, chokers, a scale bra (maybe 2), already pre-made armwarmers that I haven’t sold yet, various other jewelry pre made that hasn’t been sold yet, and a few things mom wants me to sell for her.

Annnnnnnnnd now it’s time to go.  Promptly!  Time’s awasting!

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What I wish I could have done different…

February 12th, 2015

There are many times, when I have the opportunity to stare off into space – or usually when I’m trying to sleep at night – that I wish I would have chose to do things differently.  I realize, the choices I made are what make me today, but you know, perhaps this list may help someone else if they’re at that point in their life.  To organize some things, I’ll do this in a list format with explanations.


  • Never take things for granted.  Overstated? Yes, but totally true.  Take the time to cherish a family member, whether you love them a lot or not.  In many cases, especially if it’s extended family, you don’t know their circumstances (unless you’re like…super tight and share EVERYTHING).  You never know when they may suddenly leave this world and you never get the chance to tell them one last time that you love them.  Example: my uncle died last May due to a freak accident of a tree taking him out.  He was an experienced logger with many many many years under his belt, yet still couldn’t avoid this.  Then the week after, my grandmother passed away in her sleep (same side of the family).
  • Researched more opportunities for AP and/or college credit classes in high school.  To be honest, there weren’t really as many as I could have hoped at my school for what I initially wanted to go for.  The only AP course I wanted was AP Art History and it got canceled.
  • Be a bit less frivolous with how I spent my money.  Should have created some sort of college savings fund (and not just a CD that wasn’t earning me any money) and pour more money into that.  Luckily, we scraped and worked hard to pay off the ridiculous amount of tuition that was Mount Mary but I still have a lot of debt to repay.  Also, I’m still pretty damn frugal and I’m paying my loans off lightning speed.  (I will say I’m pretty fricken proud of myself right now for that one).
  • Not donate 19 inches of hair to locks of love in August of 2007.  Worst. Idea. EVER.  8 years later and I’m STILL trying to grow that hair back.  Come back fast hair growing of my youth T_T.
  • Have a more active lifestyle, outside of childhood.  I became pretty sedentary after grade school – read more books and played more video games.  I didn’t explore much anymore and I had horrible eating choices.  Ugh.  So bad.

I know there’s more buuuttt….Kind of don’t want to dwell on any of the other ones.  These are the major ones.

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Update: February!

Hello all my lovely ladies and gentlemen!  It’s better late than never, right? (Had planned beginning of the month updates on the first of the month but I think I’ll be more fluid and change it to by the 5th hehe).

To be honest, not to terribly much has happened yet.  January was filled with a lot of stress between both of my part-time jobs, finding work-life balance, and a lot of other stuff.  I have, however, gotten to a point where I may have more structure between the two so I can spend more time making stuff for my shop.  (If you think about it, I technically have 4 jobs.  Two outside part-times, one for my parents and their business, and then my own business x_X No wonder I’m so stressed!).

My eldest brother was also teaching me some fun stuff that I can do with Excel to start trying to use it for inventory management and keeping track of items so when I only have bits of time that I can dedicate to CSE, I’ve been working on those.  In some ways, it’s kind of fun to work with spreadsheets, but on the other hand it can be frustrating because I know I want to do a particular thing, but I just don’t know how to program the functions to do said particular thing.  Thank god for pre-made templates!  (Thank you internet for your lovely search capabilities that I don’t think I could live without like my parents).

Other than inventory management, I’ve also been finally working on some items for KitsuneKon.  I haven’t gotten very far, but I’ve at least started.  I made most of the pattern pieces on Monday and just have to make two more.  Also, one day I’ll have a more legit space than our dinning room/office/craft room/reading room/whatever-we-need-except-actually-eating.


Any mess you see here is my doing.  I am the terror that usually undoes any sort of cleanliness (I think mom wasted all the organization on my other brother because I’ve got nothing…I can never find anything when it’s put away….)

Goals for February:

  • Make at least two size runs of tutus (sizes S~XL)
  • Work on Sarah’s Death Jester cosplay (one of those situations where I have to do x before I do y before I do z right now though….)
  • Work on inventory management
    • At least get one of the 3 (so far) sheets completed with exact count, when to reorder, etc etc
    • Also complete at least one sheet that details amount of materials used for project
  • Don’t forget to pamper self (whether that means just sleeping in until 9 guilt-free once, or a date with the boyfriend and not do work for a day)
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Almost Level 24

(LoZ Item Get never gets old)

Tomorrow is my birthday, and in many ways, this year is pretty “Meh” celebration wise (which I’m okay with).  I have to work both jobs, and I have to work early Monday so that means no party-hardying for me (that’s okay…I’ll make it up to myself next year for my 25th since it’ll be my golden ;D).

goals for 2015

Earlier this month I did goals for myself as a business.  In lieu of my b-day, I’m going to write down 24 goals for myself personally for the year.

  1. Time management.  Seriously, I have a ton of issues with this. D:  I’m hoping to fix that this year.
  2. Work + Life balance.  Will play into time management.  Right now I technically work 4 jobs (Vandervest, JoAnns, my parents, and myself).  I literally have no structure week to week and my system is completely screwed up.  I’m hoping by at least June I have stuff figured out.  I need routine.
  3. Find an exercise regime that works for me.  I recently discovered hooping so…I hope that sticks (I have to rest another day or two from it though.  They really aren’t kidding when they say you get bruises D: ).  I can’t walk a gajillion miles on end at the mall (or even around town) like my brother does…unless I go with him.  It is just not satisfying to me and becomes a reeeeaaal big hassle (not to mention back to #2 where I have like…no routine)
  4. Make healthier food choices.  Even though it’ll be a bit more expensive in some ways….I really gotta crack down on this.  This includes remembering to take my supplements regularly (which I don’t right now).
  5. Finish Sarah’s Death Jester Cosplay.  Hoping time management can help with this one because I still have a shit-ton to do.  T__T Augh (stressing already)
  6. Find a different outlet for stress other than crying.  I get stressed out.  I cry.  I get really frustrated.  I cry.  I need to find a more creative/productive outlet.
  7. Stay on track for paying off my loans.  Want these babies paid off.  A lot.
  8. Have at least 1 photoshoot for my business.
  9. Create a collection for said photoshoot.  Hopefully by Fall.
  10. As always, lose weight/or rather lose fat and gain muscle.  With a lot of stress since the end of 2013, (being much amplified this past fall), I gained a bunch of weight.  Hoping goals 3 and 4 will help with this.
  11. Learn to say no.  I’m better than I was, but I could still use some help.
  12. Keep up this blog.  I have a blog content plan planned through February (fully) and partially through the end of the year.  (Constants being the first of the month is a business update post, the 15th is an influential designer, and the end of the month will be a round-up of articles on Textiles, Fashion, and Fashion shows or other fun articles I come across outside those categories).
  13. Organize.  If you saw my room, you’d understand the need for this.
  14. Create a website.  May have to hire a friend to do the layout and such for me because I’m terrible with code. T_T  I can do fun photoshop/illustrator stuff but can’t make it into a webpage D:
  15. Help mom get our sewing/crafting room up and running.  It’ll make both of our lives easier once we have that.
  16. Gain better self confidence.  I can be quite good at faking it, but I have absolute terrible self-esteem.  This is a never-ending process at the moment.  Hopefully one day I can take this off my list.
  17. Start thinking about long-term life planning.  Don’t have to plan anything now, but I need to at least start getting it in my head that one of these days I wont be living with my parents and I’ll need to learn how to do stuff.
  18. Continue making connections, no matter how big or small.  Now that I have a different setting of a job at the dealership, I’ll get to meet all kinds of new people and experiences.  I’m actually very excited for this.
  19. Don’t be afraid to take some risks.  Right now I’m really conservative when it comes to money and taking risks.  I fear that if I stay this way, I wont be able to grow my business.  What’s holding me back, though, is my crippling debt from college and that is constantly in the back of my mind.
  20. Work on my art skills.  Hopefully, starting in February (when things have calmed down a bit), I will try to find time, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day, to try and sketch.  Anything and everything.
  21. Use up some of the fabric downstairs and try to lessen the amount of impulse buying.  Mom keeps yelling at me for bringing more home.  I can’t help it ;__; (I’ve at least gotten smart enough to start labeling the fabric with what my intended use for it so when I finally get to it, I remember why I bought it)
  22. Make an epic pattern/design for fabric.  Idk what that will be yet, but I want something that I designed and then make it into something.
  23. Delve into papermaking and dying fabric.  They look really awesome, and very much potential black holes
  24. Make it to 25.  Only have about 366 days to go.

Okay.  I’m done pestering you with weird goals.  I’ll hopefully have part III of Making a Collection done this next week.

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