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Corset Break in Day One: Pants are not friends

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.
―     C.G. Jung

So, today is the day!  While awaiting most anxiously for my lovelies to arrive, I began working on some pattern blocks necessary for the spring semester.  We have to create three complete looks for a collection so I’m doing mine for The Airship Nemesis Crew.  I will be completing Cassie’s, Sarah’s and my outfit for this collection.  Woot!

Before I start with the picture progress today of the corsets, I’d like to give you a bit more of some backstory.  There are several reasons for why I am finally waist training.  The most prominent one is that I am very self critical of my body and the way I look.  All growing up and through high school, I was on the larger size, and never felt pretty.  I was 175+ pounds, wore size 16 jeans, and I looked with envious eyes toward my skinnier classmates.  (Although, I must say, freshman year was the year I felt awesome because I was like 140 lbs after a growth spurt so my stomach fat hadn’t caught up to me yet lol).

My friend Sig (left) and I (right) just before heading off to Freshman homecoming dance.

2008, Junior Year of high school. This was a progress picture for the prom dress I designed. I was probably about 175+ lbs in this picture.

I will admit, I am getting better about coming to accept myself for who I am.  Since graduating high school, I’ve lost a good 15 lbs or so.  (Summer of 2012 I was down to 144, but due to stress this last year of college and the assault in November, I’ve managed to put a lot of weight back on.  The scale this morning read 157 x__x; Not proud of this and it eats at me but…I will just have to deal).  I think what has helped is in my senior year of high school, I was lucky enough to find a man who loved me for me and didn’t care that I was larger.  This man is now my boyfriend of just over 5 years (we celebrated our 5th on November 13th).  What is a plus is that he is also just as fascinated with Victorian era as I am.  He gets to be my guinea pig for men’s clothing muwahahaha.

But, back to the subject at hand.  Picture time!  I ordered my corset from  Style 411 in cotton.


Right out of the package.
Style 411 from Orchard Corset

Me, today, without the corset

Me, today, without the corset

Corset tightened only slightly, just snug enough to not fall down.  This is why that it doesn't look like it's not fitting properly.  I'm letting everything get accustomed.

Corset tightened only slightly, just snug enough to not fall down. This is why that it doesn’t look like it’s not fitting properly. I’m letting everything get accustomed.

Corset tightened more after the first hour

Corset tightened more after the first hour

Things I have learned today:

  • If you’re going to wear pants, make sure they either are very stretchy, or a size UP from what you normally wear. (because it’s hard to twist yourself in a way to get the damn things on under the corset once tied).
  • If you don’t have a size pants that are larger than normal, then I suggest putting said pair of pants on BEFORE the corset….and hope you can get them on and off easy after that (or just don’t use the restroom much but…that’s not a good idea either >>; )
  • It is very handy to have stretchy tights for comfort around the house when you don’t have to go outside.
  • Why did I have to start this on one of the coldest fricken days? D:
  • I need wool skirts for the cold so I can avoid the jean problem
  • I need pantalettes, or very low rise panties.
Or, unless you have someone willing to help you.
Anywho.  The corset is surprisingly comfortable.  I’m glad I went with the cotton one 😀  It’ll be much easier to take care of.  Tomorrow will be spent doing the same thing I did today, except starting the break in process for the second corset.  I bought two so I could switch off between them.
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