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My birthday and other sorts

“Dreams have a habit of coming true when you least expect it – never lose faith, even the impossible dreams can become a reality if you commit to making them so.”

  -Deb Ivarsson

So, my art history class, I think, will end up being fun.  My teacher is incredibly smiley and energetic, so I think that will lessen the pain of having a night class haha.  I’m saying this now because I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys last time~

In other news, I had a fun celebration at Nakashima’s Friday in lieu of my birthday Saturday.  Always an entertaining time going to my favorite hibachi grill in Green Bay.  Our chef was hilarious and very amusing, and there were quite a few dirty jokes being said.  All in good fun, though!  What was strange is that during the meal, after the chef had left, I got a RAVE alert text message saying that if you were on campus, you were to lock your room and remain there until further notice.  Apparently there was a man who had threatened a girl in the dorms with a gun (i am later told it was possibly the fourth floor….which is the floor I usually reside <__>).  She was able to escape and notify police.  They arrested a man a couple blocks west of the school.  A short blurb


Other then that craziness, the rest of the weekend was fine (considering I was home and not at school.  Thankfully.)  My birthday was spent being lazy, no corset or anything, and pretty much lounging in comfy clothes.  I was able to get a fitting, and some crafting, done however.  So the day wasn’t completely wasted!  Also got to spend some much needed time with the boyfriend.  I consider myself quite lucky to have such a loving and quirky boyfriend.


With my blocks for Sarah ready, I was able to get quite a bit done this morning in Tailoring.



Not too bad.  I had to adjust a few things such as crotch depth, where the pants would fall (instead of at waist, they’ll hit about high hip), and adjust the inseam curve.  All that’s left before a test fit is cut the two sections apart, add paper where I cut to create seam allowances, and I’ll be good to go.  I think I may be able to use my friend Janelle, who is in the same class, as a test fit model.  She has very similar measurements to Sarah.


Nice thing about today is that classes have been cancelled from 4:30 today until 4:30pm tomorrow.  Gives me time to catch up on my internship presentation which I have to do Wednesday, and other homework I’ve managed to slack off on already n___n; I need to get my act together.  Oi.  It’ll come eventually.

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Le School

This week has been super crazy, in ways.  Sunday I found out just how much I suck at bowling (I think I might partially blame the corset for this one! I think being able to bend allows you to bowl better.  I don’t know).  Monday was spent packing up parts of my room and other things to be brought to school.



Le room, before total unpacking

I think I have one of the tiniest dorms at my school, or at least on my floor (I believe even the head of the residence halls said it was…)  It’s both good and bad.  I mean, bad because I’m an artsy fartsy student being in the fashion design program so that doesn’t leave me with a lot of room to do stuff, but also good because it means there is less crap I can put in here (or I just get more creative with how I pile things…)



I clean up pretty okay though…maybe

Okay, aside from various things all over…it still looks better than before.  I give it about two, maybe three weeks (if I’m lucky).  I do, however, need to make sure I keep a space open to exercise.  I’ve realized that now I can start tightening the corset tighter, although not completely shut yet, I’ve found that I have this unattractive backfat now hanging over the corset ;__;  Oh well.  It just gives me the drive to work on those muscles to tone them and reduce the bulk.  Seriously….it makes things less attractive if you look at me from the side or back.


Backfat aside, my corset has been pretty comfortable.  I do find it to be uncomfortable when I stand for longer periods of time, although my back has been always been like that, even before the corset.  Luckily that’s only a problem during Collections.  Been wearing the corsets pretty much from the time I get up (so anywhere between 8~9am) to about 9~10 at night.  I think I’m getting closer to being able to wear it 23/7.  I think I’ll give it another two weeks.


School has been pretty decent so far.  I was skeptical for my “Essentials of Catholic Tradition” class.  I was born and raised a Catholic, by going to catechism, getting all those fun milestone celebration things (like…the Eucharist, getting Confirmed, etc).  After probably 9th grade, or so, I didn’t feel that I felt part of that sort of thinking (…I did still get confirmed in my senior year, though, in case my future husband -whoever he was going to be- wanted to get married in a church so I didn’t have to do it later juggling 2 jobs and the classes to do so like my cousin did at the time).  To be honest, I really don’t know where I fall in my beliefs, but that aside, my teacher seems like she’ll be a very good one for the class.  She has promised not to preach, or attempt to convert, but just give us the facts on the catholic tradition.  She even mentioned it was an atheist who actually did the best on the final exam, believe it or not.

I think Portfolio and Presentations will be the easiest class I take this semester.  Our teacher is nice to us and is planning on giving us plenty of class time to get things done.  What’s also nice is that I’ve already done some of the things she is planning on having us do (such as business cards, resumes, etc.), so those sections will be easy. 

The only thing I’m worried about with my Collections I class is time.  I have a bunch of stuff I want to do, but I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to accomplish it all.  I may have to scale my ideas down a bit, or modify them so they’re a bit easier to construct.  Our first, of three complete outfits, has to be totally done by February 26th….Not excited for that…but…I can do it!

Not sure how I feel about Apparel Industry Seminar.  I think it might be okay, but I may find that all the articles we have to find will be annoying to do.  I know it’s a necessity and will help me build searching skills for the future when I’m not in school and need to keep up with things…but…Who knows.  It could end up being my favorite class.  Pfft.

I don’t know about History of Art II yet either because I have yet to take it (it’s my 6PM class which is in like an hour).  If I remember, I’ll talk about it next post!


I think that’s good enough for now.  When I start getting more patterns and things made, I’ll me sure to post them either here, or links to them!

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If you can dream it, you can do it.
-Walt Disney
No pictures for said progress, but I will get some soon, I promise (tomorrow perhaps?)  I’ve got to say, I think there is some sort of difference between my two corsets, even though I’ve given them the same amount of time during the break-in period.  It seems corset number 1 fits fine and can be tightened more without too much hassle compared to corset 2.  Corset number 2 seems to pinch my sciatic nerve, or whatever nerve runs dead center of my left thigh, because if I tighten it just about the same amount as corset 1, that area goes cold and it becomes uncomfortable.  I don’t know.  Perhaps it just needs a bit more lovin’? Haha.  Either way, I’m pleased to say that corset 1 can be closed comfortably with about a 2~3 inch gap evenly.  I had to loosen it after an hour of work, though, because apparently my hips and lower back are not appreciative of the corset when I have to stand for long periods of time and do some sort of work on my feet like I do at JoAnns.
I have, however, been able to wear the corset for nearly half the day.  Yesterday I managed 9 hours, and today I managed 11 hours.  I’m getting there~!  Just trying to figure out how I will switch between the corsets when I get to more of a 23/7 routine.  Right now I switch them out each day.
Outside the corsetry, I’ve at least gotten the torso blocks that I needed done.  Cassie’s is pinned together, minus the sleeve, and Sarah’s is as least stay-stitched in the necessary areas.  I’ll pin hers tomorrow at some point.  Eventually I will draft the pants block I will use to modify, but I may do those next week while I’m at school so I have access to better paper.  Unfortunately the kind of paper I have at home rips easily so it’s hard to use a mechanical pencil….I’ve noticed that some of my notches aren’t lining up like they should and I feel that may be part of it (or the fabric stretched weirdly….either way).
On another note, I can’t believe I’m starting my Spring semester, already, in about 4 days.  I leave for school Monday and then I start classes Tuesday.  It’s going to be a bit surreal, I think.  This is (hopefully), the last full semester I will have to take before I graduate.  Just need to get another credit check, get some info on summer graduation/December walk ceremony thing, and make sure that I don’t have to take another full semester.  It also looks like I will be able to go forward with applying to the Study Abroad Italy (SAI) program to Florence.  I’m excited!
OH! TOTALLY UNRELATED TO CORSET AND SCHOOL! I have to tell the most amusing thing today.  So at work, there was this kid that was buying a rolo, and because I love rolos, I tell him that’s an awesome choice (because come on…chocolate and caramel? DELICIOUS).  Not sure why, but this kid goes and mutters “Yeah, rolo’s are like DS’s…they’re both getting thinner”.  To kind of engage in conversation (because I was ringing out his mom’s purchases and I like to make small talk), I asked if he meant a Nintendo DS.  He looked at me with the most surprised and excited expression and asked “You know what a DS is??”  Me: “Yeah!  I own a 2nd gen one…or whatever a DS lite is.  Wish I could get a 3ds one day so I can play Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds”  This kid got even happier when I mentioned “Zelda” and pretty much exclaimed “OH MY GOD YOU LIKE LEGEND OF ZELDA?”  His sister also chimed in that it was because of the newest game her brother let her play that she started getting into the series too.  She mentioned she started playing some of the older games.  Me: “Yeah, I was practically raised on Legend of Zelda, for the NES.  WITH the gold cartridge (because….it was gold and shiny and I liked it).”  Seriously.  This boy was incredibly excited that I knew about this and I was incredibly excited that he was incredibly excited BECAUSE LEGEND OF ZELDA.
So, this kid had to be at least 10 years old, maybe younger.  In the most serious voice a 10 year old can make, he asks me before they leave “I have to ask.  Mario or Luigi.”  Me, not honestly having an opinion to other one said “Well…Mario, unless I play with my brothers, then I have to be Luigi.”  He seemed satisfied enough with the answer and left with his mom and sister super excited.  His mom was laughing and said “I don’t even know what just happened here”  I basically said “We just had a nerd moment over video games.  That’s all that matters”
I had a nerd moment with a 10 year old.  And he made me feel old, but in a good way.  It was so awesome.
In any case, I think that’s enough for one night.  As soon as school starts, the posts may dwindle, but I’ll start to be able to include more pictures with progress of my collection 🙂
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An obstacle is often a stepping stone.


Saturday and Sunday went pretty well.  I have learned a couple of things, though.  Doing more than one 8 (ish) hour shifts in a row is not probably a good idea at the moment.  Saturday went fine, just the small pressure at the base of the back, but I was moving most of the day and putting out stuff.  Sunday, however, was very uncomfortable.  Also, I’ve learned that if you bend backward pretty far, be careful: the corset has a possibility of undoing one of the hooks on the busk….and then you’re finding yourself at the register with 3 out of the 4 undone because you tried fixing it on your way up to the registers….

Good news is, after the guest I rang out, I was able to successfully fix the busk.  I had a short reprieve from the pain on my left hip, but it didn’t last long.  It was really weird.  For some reason, even though I didn’t manage as tight with the corset on Sunday as I did Saturday, I must have pinched a nerve of some sort because my left hip was aching and at one point my left leg felt weird.  When there were no customers, I ended up loosing the corset to reduce the tightness and hope that it would fix the problem.  It did.

Today, however, was a lazy day.  The boyfriend spent the night and I we both didn’t have work today so I (mis)used the opportunity to relax and watch The Dark Crystal and all the special features.  The movie has a very special place in my heart.  I used to watch it so much as a child that I’m pretty sure I wore out a VHS tape.  Such pretty music, costumes, characters, scenery…just everything!  [The reason why this was a misused opportunity is because I still have patterns to make, cut out of muslin, sew, then fit to two people before I get back to school.  May end up drafting the pants blocks during class next week if I can’t get to it today.  I’ll be home where I can try them on Cassie and Sarah.  Also, I need to finish up my internship stuff…which I’ve had all break to do…and haven’t….Oi. @__@ Start panic mode!)


Anywho.  I resume waist training tomorrow.  And all the fretting for all the work I still need to do.  Why do I do this to myself all the time?

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