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An obstacle is often a stepping stone.


Saturday and Sunday went pretty well.  I have learned a couple of things, though.  Doing more than one 8 (ish) hour shifts in a row is not probably a good idea at the moment.  Saturday went fine, just the small pressure at the base of the back, but I was moving most of the day and putting out stuff.  Sunday, however, was very uncomfortable.  Also, I’ve learned that if you bend backward pretty far, be careful: the corset has a possibility of undoing one of the hooks on the busk….and then you’re finding yourself at the register with 3 out of the 4 undone because you tried fixing it on your way up to the registers….

Good news is, after the guest I rang out, I was able to successfully fix the busk.  I had a short reprieve from the pain on my left hip, but it didn’t last long.  It was really weird.  For some reason, even though I didn’t manage as tight with the corset on Sunday as I did Saturday, I must have pinched a nerve of some sort because my left hip was aching and at one point my left leg felt weird.  When there were no customers, I ended up loosing the corset to reduce the tightness and hope that it would fix the problem.  It did.

Today, however, was a lazy day.  The boyfriend spent the night and I we both didn’t have work today so I (mis)used the opportunity to relax and watch The Dark Crystal and all the special features.  The movie has a very special place in my heart.  I used to watch it so much as a child that I’m pretty sure I wore out a VHS tape.  Such pretty music, costumes, characters, scenery…just everything!  [The reason why this was a misused opportunity is because I still have patterns to make, cut out of muslin, sew, then fit to two people before I get back to school.  May end up drafting the pants blocks during class next week if I can’t get to it today.  I’ll be home where I can try them on Cassie and Sarah.  Also, I need to finish up my internship stuff…which I’ve had all break to do…and haven’t….Oi. @__@ Start panic mode!)


Anywho.  I resume waist training tomorrow.  And all the fretting for all the work I still need to do.  Why do I do this to myself all the time?

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