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Le School

This week has been super crazy, in ways.  Sunday I found out just how much I suck at bowling (I think I might partially blame the corset for this one! I think being able to bend allows you to bowl better.  I don’t know).  Monday was spent packing up parts of my room and other things to be brought to school.



Le room, before total unpacking

I think I have one of the tiniest dorms at my school, or at least on my floor (I believe even the head of the residence halls said it was…)  It’s both good and bad.  I mean, bad because I’m an artsy fartsy student being in the fashion design program so that doesn’t leave me with a lot of room to do stuff, but also good because it means there is less crap I can put in here (or I just get more creative with how I pile things…)



I clean up pretty okay though…maybe

Okay, aside from various things all over…it still looks better than before.  I give it about two, maybe three weeks (if I’m lucky).  I do, however, need to make sure I keep a space open to exercise.  I’ve realized that now I can start tightening the corset tighter, although not completely shut yet, I’ve found that I have this unattractive backfat now hanging over the corset ;__;  Oh well.  It just gives me the drive to work on those muscles to tone them and reduce the bulk.  Seriously….it makes things less attractive if you look at me from the side or back.


Backfat aside, my corset has been pretty comfortable.  I do find it to be uncomfortable when I stand for longer periods of time, although my back has been always been like that, even before the corset.  Luckily that’s only a problem during Collections.  Been wearing the corsets pretty much from the time I get up (so anywhere between 8~9am) to about 9~10 at night.  I think I’m getting closer to being able to wear it 23/7.  I think I’ll give it another two weeks.


School has been pretty decent so far.  I was skeptical for my “Essentials of Catholic Tradition” class.  I was born and raised a Catholic, by going to catechism, getting all those fun milestone celebration things (like…the Eucharist, getting Confirmed, etc).  After probably 9th grade, or so, I didn’t feel that I felt part of that sort of thinking (…I did still get confirmed in my senior year, though, in case my future husband -whoever he was going to be- wanted to get married in a church so I didn’t have to do it later juggling 2 jobs and the classes to do so like my cousin did at the time).  To be honest, I really don’t know where I fall in my beliefs, but that aside, my teacher seems like she’ll be a very good one for the class.  She has promised not to preach, or attempt to convert, but just give us the facts on the catholic tradition.  She even mentioned it was an atheist who actually did the best on the final exam, believe it or not.

I think Portfolio and Presentations will be the easiest class I take this semester.  Our teacher is nice to us and is planning on giving us plenty of class time to get things done.  What’s also nice is that I’ve already done some of the things she is planning on having us do (such as business cards, resumes, etc.), so those sections will be easy. 

The only thing I’m worried about with my Collections I class is time.  I have a bunch of stuff I want to do, but I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to accomplish it all.  I may have to scale my ideas down a bit, or modify them so they’re a bit easier to construct.  Our first, of three complete outfits, has to be totally done by February 26th….Not excited for that…but…I can do it!

Not sure how I feel about Apparel Industry Seminar.  I think it might be okay, but I may find that all the articles we have to find will be annoying to do.  I know it’s a necessity and will help me build searching skills for the future when I’m not in school and need to keep up with things…but…Who knows.  It could end up being my favorite class.  Pfft.

I don’t know about History of Art II yet either because I have yet to take it (it’s my 6PM class which is in like an hour).  If I remember, I’ll talk about it next post!


I think that’s good enough for now.  When I start getting more patterns and things made, I’ll me sure to post them either here, or links to them!

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