About Me

Done from a photoshoot with my brother.  January 7, 2012

From a photoshoot with my brother. January 7, 2012
Wig bought at an anime convention.


I am an aspiring fashion designer, with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, WI.  I also have a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI.

I have an etsy shop you can find at  Currently I specialize in accessories, but I am planning on developing a fashion line, as well as taking on cosplay commissions.

Feel free to also check out:

I look forward to growing as a fashion designer, hoping to delve more into the world of costuming (for both theatre and cosplay), alternative bridal, and creating my own brand of alternative clothing.  My main focus will be Steampunk/Victorian inspired, but I wont limit myself if other ideas pop into my head.


These are the Anime Conventions you can find me at this year, 2015:

  • KitsuneKon: March 20th-22nd, Vendor Hall
  • [Pending] NoBrandCon: April 24th-26th, Vendor Hall (waiting to see if accepted or not)
  • Anime Central: May 15th-17th (regular attendee)

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