Crunch Time!

06 Apr

The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection.

-Henri Nouwen


April marks crunch time for the fashion show.  As of writing this, I have 19 days (not including today) to get everything done before Jury.  All the garments going into the show have to be juried by a panel of judges from the industry.  Last year there were four judges: one from Kohls, one from Bon-Ton, another from Jockey, and I can’t remember who the guy was from.  It’s a bit nerve wracking, but I think I should be good this year!  All I have to do right now is hemming for Sarah’s and Cassie’s pants, my vest harness in its entirety (waiting on some dark brown ponge to come in), Cassie’s mad scientist coat (I have it assembled as far as side seams, back seams, and shoulders), hem Joe’s coat, work on his pants (I need to try on another mock up with changes before I go into fashion fabric), and then some head pieces.  I decided for the show I wont be doing Cassie’s apron, but I’ll take my time finishing it (like, I’ll work on it after Jury, or before jury if I can get everything else done).


Other than school, I’ve applied to be a vendor at DaishoCon, which happens at the Kalahari in the Dells.  This year it’s November 21-23rd.  I really hope I can get in.  I’m planning on having some basic clothing options available for people, as well as my jewelry.


Picture time!


The Mad Scientist coat thus farl.


Potential headpiece for my outfit. Sarah’s is getting a mini tricorn hat


Joe’s coat finally has all the buttons on it! He looks absolutely dashing in it too ❤

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