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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”
-Frederick Douglass


Lalala~  Things are progressing smoothly on all fronts!  This week was spent finishing my jodhpurs pattern, cutting out of muslin, then test fitting it…sorta.  The actual person these will be made for is back home, but I have a classmate who has very similar measurements.  The only change I need to do is raise the back waist band by about half an inch or so (I shortened the crotch too much so it pulls the back down, but it’s an easy fix).  I’m going to try it on Sarah first before I make the adjustments though.


They’re more appealing on a body. Also, the angle I took this picture is ridiculous stupid

Once that fitting was done, I had a good chunk of time to begin working on the vest pattern (since that was going to be the easiest at the moment until I had a better understanding of what Sarah wants the shirt to look like).  So far I’ve gotten the torso block traced, shortened, and turned into a shoulder princess seam block.


It’s beautiful, no?

Since this is going to be a sleeveless vest, I need to take out the room from the armhole by raising it (probably a half inch, maybe less), then adding a bit more ease due to the fact it’s going over a shirt.  And it’s going to be in leather which has pretty much no stretch.  Ohhhh the leather is so soft and awesome *3*  I bought some in New York at Mood when we went there in October.  I believe it’s Lambskin (I’ll get a picture of it later).  I’m excited to learn how to work with leather starting this coming week.

Side note, I also bought the (potential) fabric I’ll be using for the pants/bottom for all three of us.


Stretch sateen, aka 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Gotta love spandex.

I’m hoping 3.5 yards is going to be enough.  Kind of sad it’s only 49″ which I think is similar to the muslin we use at school.  Not sure if that’s 49″ or 34″.


In other news, I have two cute pictures of me from Wednesday and Thursday that I thought I’d share


Sorry for the grainy and not so epic picture. Not as great lighting.


You can kinda see the corset in this one. I had my reservations about wearing this outfit due to my “back fat” (as I’m calling it) but just sucked it up and wore it anyway. I’ve seen far worse being displayed at school and I thought why the hell not.

My classmate Pa Kou and I have also made a pact to work out as many times as possible after classes this semester, starting Tuesday.  I told her we should probably start small (like 2 days a week, moving to 3, then doing 4) so we don’t kill ourselves haha.  I’m actually very excited to have an exercise buddy!  Gonna burn that fat off and look even more smashing in these corsets! Yeeaaahh.
Oh, and that reminds me.  I think I may invest in an overbust one of these times.  The underwire in my bra has been digging in quite uncomfortably the past week….although I think with exercise, that might lessen the amount it digs in too.  Idk.


Either way.  Enough on this subject.  I need to finish as much of this week’s homework before Monday so I can cram out my patterns before Thursday.  Making a bonsai trip home in order to test fit patterns to Sarah because it’ll be the only chance I get before the garment is due.  @___@.

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My birthday and other sorts

“Dreams have a habit of coming true when you least expect it – never lose faith, even the impossible dreams can become a reality if you commit to making them so.”

  -Deb Ivarsson

So, my art history class, I think, will end up being fun.  My teacher is incredibly smiley and energetic, so I think that will lessen the pain of having a night class haha.  I’m saying this now because I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys last time~

In other news, I had a fun celebration at Nakashima’s Friday in lieu of my birthday Saturday.  Always an entertaining time going to my favorite hibachi grill in Green Bay.  Our chef was hilarious and very amusing, and there were quite a few dirty jokes being said.  All in good fun, though!  What was strange is that during the meal, after the chef had left, I got a RAVE alert text message saying that if you were on campus, you were to lock your room and remain there until further notice.  Apparently there was a man who had threatened a girl in the dorms with a gun (i am later told it was possibly the fourth floor….which is the floor I usually reside <__>).  She was able to escape and notify police.  They arrested a man a couple blocks west of the school.  A short blurb


Other then that craziness, the rest of the weekend was fine (considering I was home and not at school.  Thankfully.)  My birthday was spent being lazy, no corset or anything, and pretty much lounging in comfy clothes.  I was able to get a fitting, and some crafting, done however.  So the day wasn’t completely wasted!  Also got to spend some much needed time with the boyfriend.  I consider myself quite lucky to have such a loving and quirky boyfriend.


With my blocks for Sarah ready, I was able to get quite a bit done this morning in Tailoring.



Not too bad.  I had to adjust a few things such as crotch depth, where the pants would fall (instead of at waist, they’ll hit about high hip), and adjust the inseam curve.  All that’s left before a test fit is cut the two sections apart, add paper where I cut to create seam allowances, and I’ll be good to go.  I think I may be able to use my friend Janelle, who is in the same class, as a test fit model.  She has very similar measurements to Sarah.


Nice thing about today is that classes have been cancelled from 4:30 today until 4:30pm tomorrow.  Gives me time to catch up on my internship presentation which I have to do Wednesday, and other homework I’ve managed to slack off on already n___n; I need to get my act together.  Oi.  It’ll come eventually.

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