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KitsuneKon, progress, and a lot going one

“To love an idea is to love it a little more than one should.”

Jean Rostand


Originally, I had hopes of updating at least once a week, but it’s escaped me these past few.  There have been many things going on and little time to remember to come on here and update you all!  So let’s start!

First off, KitsuneKon was relatively a success!  I didn’t make as much as Anime Milwaukee, but there weren’t as many attendees, so that’s understandable 🙂  Still did pretty good, though, and it’s going toward my Study Abroad Italy trip (well…part of it is.  Some of it is going towards the purchase of more leather for my collection.  I underestimated).  I had a lot of fun at KitsuneKon, and I hope I can go again as either an artist, or a vendor, next year.  I’m hoping to delve into the vendor scene with DaishoCon, although I need to seriously think about it.  I was to start creating clothing, and I feel DaishoCon is cheap enough for vendor space that I can explore this idea.  (I mean, I proved that I have more than enough to sell for just an artist table.  A vendor space would be awesome 😀 )


Secondly, I’ve been pretty busy with my collection.  As of today, I have all of Sarah’s outfit (outside hemming the pants) completely done.  So that means a leather vest, a linen tunic, and a pair of jodhpur pants.  I also have my jodhpur bloomer things and most of my peasant blouse done.  Just have to hem the sleeves, adjust the elastic at the top, and hem the bottom.  Cassie’s pants are almost done: need to sew down belt loops, hem, and hand sew skirt hook and eye.  Then I need to finish drafting her coat and apron and get those cut out.  Joe’s outfit just needs buttons and a hem for the coat, and I have to draft a par of pants from scratch.  Hoping I can get it done and make a quick trip home Thursday in order to get ahead on that.


@___@ A little less than a month to get everything done in time for Jury.  I also want to make some awesome fascinators for my women and idk what for Joe’s outfit.  Either way.


Picture time!


Silent Hill Nurse cosplay, courtesy of Brittany 😀


Sara modeling Sarah’s (confusing no?) Leather vest. I’m so proud of myself ;__;


Blouse and Pants thus far. Not too flattering yet, but it will be when I make my vest harness.

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