Postpone on Part III of Collection How-To

20 Jan

Hello my lovely readers!  For those of you waiting anxiously for Part III: Croquis and Sketches, unfortunately, I have to move it to next week as….I know I will definitely not finish it for this week haha.  I haven’t had a chance to create my own sketches that I’ll be using as examples.  As part of a New Year’s Resolution, I thought I would try to have more time management, but right now it’s still pretty difficult for me to manage.  It’s really tough to juggle two part time jobs and try to develop Crimson Star Emporium at the same time.  Just not enough hours in a week! T_T

In the mean time, I will have a few shorter posts out this week in order to compensate for that. ❤

Also, if you are looking for some fun Wisconsin conventions to check into this year, definitely look at KitsuneKon and NoBrandCon.  They’re smaller conventions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any fun!  I’ll be vending at both of them too~  A little info about both of them:

KitsuneKon: (

  • March 20-22, 2015
  • Held at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, WI
  • $30 Pre Reg until 2/28/15, or $40 at the door
  • Last year’s attendance was around 2200 (I think.  I know we maxed out the hotel, and unfortunately we had to turn some people away.  Luckily we have a muuuuuch higher cap at the KI Convention Center, hence the move from Appleton).

NoBrandCon: (

  • April 24-26
  • Held at The Plaza Hotel and Suites in Eau Claire, WI
  • $30 Pre Reg until 3/24/15, or $35 at the door
  • I’m not entirely sure what last year’s attendance was.  I think it was also around 2k.

Hope to see you guys there 🙂

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