Spring Break….Success?

16 Mar
In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”

-Mark Twain
I can say that is fairly accurate here in Wisconsin.  It went from like 40s, to below 0 weather in less than 24 hours.  It appears Mother Nature is having some pretty rough menopause this Spring, compared to other years.
Crazy weather aside, I would consider this spring break actually pretty successful.  Of course I wasn’t on top of things to get all the step-by-step pictures that I usually do, but I get side-tracked pretty easily.  I was able to fit Cassie’s basic blocks, draft a jodhpur pant and mad scientist coat (only the top half) from those.  Also drafted a sleeve pattern from scratch and hoped for the best when I enlarged the pattern for a coat.  Tried on patterns again, made adjustments.  Just need to transfer them to my patterns and then I’m good to go.  Although it took me until my last day of break, I finally got the buttonholes sewn on the Sky Captain coat.  Woooo!

I have discovered that Under the Gunn is my new guilty pleasure show (aside from Kill la Kill and Bones right now).  It is incredibly amusing to watch, especially when I feel like procrastinating on everything 😀

KitsuneKon is sooooo close now.  I can’t wait to go.
And holy crap it’s 11PM already.  Guess I’ll make this a quick post and finish up with pictures!
1.) Top Left: Buttonholes on the coat
2.) Top Right: Necklace for a friend to be sold at KitsuneKon
3.) Bottom left: Hair clips for a friend to be sold at KitsuneKon
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