11 Jan
When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.
-Carol Burnett
The past couple of days have been interesting.  I’ve managed to wear my corset around 5~7 hours each day.  Thursday was amusing, though.  Because my brother has to walk a lot, in the cold he usually goes to the mall not too far from here and makes laps.  Every once and awhile, I go with him.  We made about 6 laps (which was close to 10k steps), and I did it all in the corset.  Let’s just say my hips and back were in protest.  It was an interesting experience, though, because my back was forced to be straight and that’s probably better for you whilst walking.  I didn’t get to take the corset off until after an event we went to at the Art Garage.  A few people I knew where having an Artist Reception for their Steampunk themed gallery showing that’ll run for the rest of the month.  The reception was pretty nice. Got to talk with some people, see how they utilized the space to show their art, and just observe people.
Yesterday (January 10th) was the longest that I’ve worn the corset yet.  Again, some small pressure at the base of my spine at some parts (mostly when mom and I went to JoAnns and we were standing in one spot for awhile).  I don’t think my spine appreciates being forced into a straighter position haha.
Going to see how long I can last today with the corset at work.  It’s a 7 hour shift, and I’ll be moving around so…it might work.  If it doesn’t, I can always take it off during a break.
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