Slowly but surely

08 Jan
Change your thoughts and you change your world.
– Norman Vincent Peale
Today’s waist training was interesting.  Because I’ve been overdue for a chiropractor appointment, there’s been a pressure building up at the base of my spine for the past couple weeks.  The first hour or so was not necessarily the most fun.  It’s not that it hurt, but it was definitely uncomfortable at times.  Luckily, it lessened by hour 3 haha.  (Ended up wearing the corset a total of 5 hours).  I can tell my ribs are in slight protest, so I’m definitely not going to be able to get much tighter any time soon (I can close it just enough that the courtesy panel is tucked on the other side.  So that’s about 4.5~5 inch gap yet?).  Other people might be willing to take it faster, but I don’t want to screw anything up lol.  Slow and steady wins the race they say.
One thing I’ve noticed, and I’m not sure how to solve yet, is the problem with the large amount of lacing.  I’m worried that knotting it too many times to reduce the length will increase the bulk (there’s already some bulk).  I will have to do some research on what other people do to solve this problem. 
Also, later in the afternoon, I was finally able to get to my chiropractor appointment.  Ooooh it felt so nice to be properly adjusted~  I always find it amusing how many times my back and neck cracks.  Always feels good afterward! (sometimes achy too…but that just means I need to drink more water and it gets better). 
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